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Investor Relations

Public infrastructure construction business represents the public infrastructure construction business and its related preliminary investment and post construction operation management business of the Baoding Donghu Cultural Center project of the Group.

The project is located in the east of Baoding City, Hebei Province, covering a total area of 4.68 square kilometers. The construction investment includes public construction and infrastructure construction, early land consolidation and post construction operation management. The project is the first urban regional comprehensive development project implemented by the cooperation between the government and social capital, i.e. PPP mode, in Baoding city. The project is positioned as Baoding City reception hall, carrying the mission of building a new urban cultural center, a new regional overall planning platform and a new dynamic international living room.

The completed Donghu Cultural Center project will have 660 mu of lake area, 250,000 m2 of green space, around 70,000 m2 of Guan Hanqing opera house and museum. It will also have 310,000 m2 of urban protective landscape, which covers 4.68 km2 of municipal roads, primary and secondary school education facility, bus station and other public construction and infrastructure projects. The Donghu Cultural Center project will realize the advancement of the urban function of Baoding, and enrich the cultural connotation of the city.

(1)Overall effect drawing of the project

(2)Guan Hanqing Grand Theatre and Museum

(3)Dong Hu Park