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Address: Longjitaihe industrial Park, No. 66 Dongfang Road, Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province,China
Tel:+86 0312-2951166

Hong Kong

Address:Room 1231, 12/F China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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Address: A305, Wenchuang Garden, No.56 Dongwai, Zuojiazhuang Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China

Talent Strategy


We treasure every employee’s talent, trying our best to tap into their potentials. We always believe that every member is the company’s most valuable asset whose potential should be brought into full play to contribute to the company’s sound development. We offer an all-round, competitive remuneration package and complete personal career development plans as well as training programs which will guarantee a tailor-made and continual career progression channel for our employees, and create a good and fair career development platform for everyone.

Operation Management


From green photovoltaic power generation to smart energy management, we have been upholding the “whole industry chain” model for new energy operation. We provide clean and renewable green energy on the power generation side, while on the power consumer’s side, we seek to maximize the comprehensive efficiency for energy consumptions. With the whole life-cycle operation management of energies, we create value for enterprises and at the same time, lend a strong support to the sustainable development of both national and regional economies and energy industries.

Technological Innovation


We conducted researches and developed a “Lean model for energy consumption”, while adhering to the aim for sustainable development with comprehensive consideration from perspectives of supply side, cloud and demand side. By adopting scientific methods, we have made innovations in areas where dramatic improvements of the environment can be done and ensure the quality and stability of projects so as to deliver constant benefits to consumers.

Social Responsibility


Since its foundation, the company has been working to live up to its social responsibility and commitment as a social citizen. Our social responsibility builds on all the people’s common values, with efforts to promote energy conservation which will have a positive impact on the society. In the meantime, we are also eager to lead everyone to transmit the solar energy to every corner of the world.

As the industry participant and driver, LongiTech Smart Energy has firmly insisted on a sustainable business development strategy. We advocate a lean energy consumption by the whole society and set to bring positive and profound impact on the overall energy industry and even the human society through our enterprise’s expansion, brand promotion and employees’ efforts.